Lets talk about project costs.

We all have dreams of having a grand home.  A place that we can look forward to coming home to everyday.  A place where we can raise a family.  A place where we can entertain guests.  A place where we can go to sleep at night and know it is secure.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming and having ideas, we all do it.  But, with dreams of a perfect world scenario, we the homeowner must also understand that these dreams come with a price tag.  When you sit down with your contractor, make sure that both of you are on the same page in regards to your budget.  In your mind, you might think that the re-tile and new vanity in your bathroom might only cost $2,000.00 when in reality the work that needs to be done might end up costing $7,000.00.  Knowing your budget will allow all parties involved to come up with a proposal that will work for everyone involved.  To get you the best job in the least costly way possible.  You might just see a new cabinet that you saw at the hardware store and tile at the flooring store and figure in your head that these items only cost around $500 and the installation of said items can't be that much; can it?  What a lot of home owners don't understand is the amount of labor that goes into all of the other aspects of the job. There is tear out, hauling away of materials, roughing in, cement board, sheet rock, spackle, cement, grout, and hours upon hours of install time needed to do a great job.  If you embark on a project, just be aware of the costs involved initially before setting down and you will avoid the possibility of disappointment.