Column Repair & Siding Makeover - Lutz, FL

We received a message from a client that their home was in need of some much needed repairs to their existing structural support columns on their stilt home.  They also wanted new siding to replace older T1-11 that had started to show its age.  DCI Home Improvements assessed the situation and gave the client suggestions as how to proceed with the repair.  We came to the solution that we should replace the rotten wood columns with cement block.  There were struggles with this job as one of the rotten columns had all of the electrical services attached.  With the help of our electrical contractor, we were able to replace the column without having to remove any electrical.  For the siding, the customer chose cement Hardie Board with a 7" reveal.  It gave much needed life to the side of the home.  As a finishing touch, we installed a new 30" side entry door to replace the one that was rotten.  Our electrical contractor also installed two new motion sensing lights to the outside of the home.