How much is that room addition going to cost?

Sometimes its hard as a homeowner to truly understand what goes into adding extra living space to your home.  We are finding that the average price for a room addition in the greater Tampa Bay Area is running around $200-$250 per square foot depending upon the type of room and how it is going to be finished off.  What does this mean? Well, that 12' x 12' addition that you have been contemplating could cost you up toward $36,000.00.  Why so much you might ask? There is a lot that goes into the planning and construction of room additions.  I want to give you a little run-down of the items that need to be taken into consideration when estimating a job:

  • Architectural design services to ensure that new addition is housed in a structure in a style appropriate to the existing house, and up to code for the neighborhood or area in which the home is located. This could require as much as 10 - 17% of the total building budget;
  • Arrange any required demolition, excavation, or site preparation - Average costs are going to vary according to the level of work necessary;
  • Pour concrete footings and slab if no crawlspace foundation exists - Average price of concrete could run $75 per cubic yard.
  • Build roof trusses and support beam system and tie into existing structure - lumber prices will vary as will the design used in the new space. 
  • Asphalt shingles with galvanized metal flashing - A separate roofing contractor is hired that will provide their own warranty.
  • Install siding and trim - Whether you go with vinyl siding or a Hardie Board, this is a time consuming process.
  • Finish ceilings and walls - Generally today we use drywall to finish walls and ceilings. 
  • Fiberglass wall and attic insulation - Depending on the type of construction of the home, whether it be traditional framing or concrete block, you might need values as low as R-4 or as high as R-30.
  • 1 - six-panel primed hardboard door - Average of $200 each plus four hours of installation;
  • Three new windows - Average price of $300-$1000 per window, plus installation time of two to five hours per window. The good thing is that most new impact windows will get you a tax deduction.
  • Carpeting, Laminate, or Tile Flooring- General rule of thumb is just this, Carpet is usually the cheapest, then Laminate, & Tile is generally the most expensive.
  • New moldings - Don't forget all of the new floor, door, and crown molding you will need.
  • Tie into existing HVAC or New AC System- Average cost will vary according to pre-existing system or new units.
  • Provide electrical wiring and lighting to code - This is going to depend upon the amount of work required. This project might be priced on a per item basis, or the we might simply base it on the square footage.
  • Provide carpentry to code - If you are investing this kind of money in a project, you want the job to be completed by someone that is an expert in their field.  Leave this part to the professionals.
  • Painting - Painting is one of those things that can be left up to the client to finish on their own to save money.  On a room of this size, you could see a savings of a few thousand dollars.

Now that you have a better understanding into everything that goes into a room addition, you will not be shocked at the price of the estimate when you receive it.