Shower Renovation, Lighting Upgrade, & Frameless Glass Install in Palm Harbor

Some of the best advertisement a contractor can get for their company is a return customer. DCI recently did a full home renovation for a client that included a kitchen, master bathroom, and flooring install throughout the home. For this project, we tackled a couple of areas around the home that were left untouched. During out last visit, we didn’t renovate the guest bathroom shower. It was small and uninviting. The guest bathroom was also plagued by having an exterior entrance that took away from the size of the shower and the beauty of the bathroom. We closed in the second access door and an existing closet in the garage to allow us to create a much more useful space for the shower. Our client had a very specific idea of what he wanted the shower to look like and I feel like we delivered. This shower features an overhead rain head, a four position custom shower valve, a custom wall niche, and a frameless glass surround.  Other parts of this project were adding additional lighting to the dining room area to match the already renovated kitchen area. Also, we added a beautiful frameless glass door to the already renovated master bathroom.