Disaster Castle Demo Stage II

Back with another blog about the D.C.!

Initially, we had not planned to completely overhaul the full interior all at once. The plan had been to get the flooring replaced, paint, and do the kitchen and bathrooms over time once we moved in. As often happens with  the best laid plans, that approached changed pretty quickly. It just didn't make sense to do part of the work and make our lives more difficult down the road. That said, bathrooms and kitchen were taken out. A good portion of drywall has been removed. We managed to get the gross spots on the floor cleaned up well. Any subfloor that was beyond cleaning or was rotten is getting replaced.

As the extra demolition went along we discovered some rotten boards that were framing in the big sliding glass doors to the back yard. We had planned to remove the sliders and replace them with French doors, but that was planned for further down the road. Needless to say, the French doors were ordered and the sliders were replaced pretty quickly. It turns out that the rotten beams were not load bearing, which was a HUGE relief! There was a regular door from the kitchen into the backyard (the sliders were seriously five steps away so it made no sense). That door was removed, the area framed in, and it's now ready to have a window put in.

Just take a peek at these photos and you will see why I have named our new place "Disaster Castle!"