It's not a disaster anymore!

I'm back for one of the last blogs about the location formerly known as Disaster Castle.  I will have a few more blog posts about the final touches to the house as we still have a bit more to go, but the massive renovations are essentially complete.  There will be more to do on the exterior, which I will certainly do an update post on.

Currently, the electrical has been finished, plumbing has been finished. We have painted the entire interior of the house. Tile has been installed in the bathrooms and the kitchen. The granite countertop has been installed. New appliances will arrive tomorrow and be installed next week. The glass company will be out to measure for our frameless glass showers next week as well. It's really happening. The home I have always wanted is a reality. This is why people go through the hassle of home renovation because you really can create exactly what you want in a home.