Five Things to Consider - Kitchens

In this post, we will go over the five main considerations or questions that often come up when deciding the finished look of your new kitchen. We talk to clients every day that want to undertake a kitchen remodeling project but are not quite sure where to start. I hope with this series, it will take some of the burden away on what to expect.


  1. The Floor Plan

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The floorplan of your new kitchen will determine if your renovation is going to be in the $ or the $$$ price range. Staying with the existing footprint is always the least expensive, east time consuming option when creating your remodeling plan. This helps avoid having to redo the flooring, trenching for electrical and/or plumbing, framing, drywall, etc (in most cases).

Don’t have enough room in your existing kitchen? Then maybe a new floorplan is the right approach for you. There are some things to consider when changing the footprint. Are are you removing any walls? If so, what are we going to do with the wiring and any plumbing located in the wall? Most modern homes aren’t likely to have may support structures in the kitchen area, but there is always the possibility that the wall you are going to remove is structural to the home. If a wall being removed is a structural wall engineering will come into question.

Adding to your design, such as adding an island, requires contractors to bring electrical no matter what due to code requirements. Reputable contractors will take that extra step and bring the kitchen up to code instead of leaving out-dated electrical in your home. When deciding on which route is best for you, consider which is best, cost vs. function.

2. Cabinetry


Cabinetry is an area where clients are frequently surprised by the cost. There are two basic styles of cabinetry that we install today: MDF board or plywood. The former being the less expensive of the two, but the latter being the better quality product. We always tell our client’s that there is always a trade-off when purchasing cabinetry, cost over aesthetic.

We are fortunate at DCI Home Improvements to be able to offer to our client’s a full range of cabinetry to fit anyone’s budget. For the budget oriented client’s, we can offer a full complete custom kitchen in a ready to assemble version of cabinetry which come in a range of materials from MDF to plywood. For those client’s that want their kitchen to stand out from the rest, we offer a selection of very high end American made plywood custom cabinets. And for those who want a good overall functional kitchen while trying to stay within a budget, we offer a full compliment of reasonably priced plywood cabinets that not only look good, they are priced with budget in mind.

No matter which line of cabinets you choose, your cabinets will likely be about 50% of the cost of your new kitchen. We will help point you toward a product that is a good fit for you and your project.

3. Lighting

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Lighting is often neglected in a kitchen remodel. Many clients we talk to feel their kitchen lighting is adequate for their needs without realizing the potential of their space. Good, strategically placed lighting opens up your kitchen while showcasing some of it’s features.

We utilize the LED technology along with lighting placement that allows for functionality and aesthetics. Lighting placement is key to a well lit room. The addition of pendant lighting or chandeliers are a great way to compliment the room and add a touch of ambient lighting. You may also want to consider under-cabinet, over-cabinet, and in-cabinet lighting as well in your design. Every nuance will just add that finishing touch to your new kitchen.

4. Backsplash Tile

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Backsplash tile is what makes your final design come to life. There are two common forms of backsplash tiling. The traditional 4” countertop backsplash that goes up the wall behind all countertops. This is a great technique for a budget-friendly kitchen renovation. The other is a full tile backsplash to help finish off the remodel. Either approach will look spectacular in the end.

Whether you choose granite countertop, quartz countertop, or something in-between, a full tile backsplash is a great way to bring a complimentary color into the room and finish the countertop design. The choices are endless as well with only your imagination as the limit.

Typically tile backsplashes are ceramic or porcelain, but you can go with glass, travertine, or any other material that catches your eye. You can add touches like medallions, pencil finish tiles, specialty outlet covers, etc.

5. Time

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Time is the biggest consideration in a kitchen remodel. Historically, the average time for a kitchen remodel is approximately four to six weeks. There are some key elements that could make your kitchen remodel take more or less time. These elements are typically the choice of countertop, if flooring being installed, if the footprint is changing, etc. Be sure to ask yourself, realistically, can you be without a fully functional kitchen for four to six weeks? You can always use that time to have dinners with friends and family.