Contemporary Bathroom and Bedroom Remodel in Dunedin

We must admit that even sometimes we are stumped when it comes to designing the perfect space when the existing space is so limited. A wonderful client contacted us in regards to their bathroom and bedroom renovation that they wanted to achieve. The existing bathroom space was a very limited, 1980's era design that incorporated unnecessary column work, a platform bathtub, and a very dark and dreary shower area. Along with that, the bedroom was lacking on storage space and the flooring was subpar. Over the course of a few weeks, we presented the client with variation after variation of the new space and how we could best use the square footage available to us. The client had ideas of their own that they presented as well that gave us a goal to shoot for. In the end, the design that the client went with is stunning. We utilize in the build of the shower area more space as well as a zero threshold design for a modern feel. The client purchased a beautiful bathtub that gives the bathroom class. The vanity and surrounding furniture couldn't look any better. And we finished the project off with a brand new double closet and new flooring in the bedroom.